Exciting and Engaging Virtual Team Building Activities You Should TryExciting and Engaging Virtual Team Building Activities You Should Try

As the work realm continues to change, workplace culture is also changing. Now more than ever, remote workforce is on the rise as companies and organizations strive to keep their operations going amidst the latest changes in work setup.

When it comes to managing remote workers, it is important to take the necessary steps to ensure that your employees are engaged and motivated as they collaborate with each other. While in person team building activities are common, virtual team building activities should be more creative and innovative. Read on to get a good idea of activities you can try that won’t make your team members roll their eyes or cringe.

Team Movie Night
This one is guaranteed to make your remote workers excited as you can give them something to look forward to. You can host a quarterly or monthly movie night or day for the team.
Ask everyone to cast their vote for a good movie together with the best time to watch it. You can then stream the movie through a conference call so that all members can see it wherever they are in the world. You can also open a chat channel where everyone is free to share hot takes and reactions throughout the movie.

Birth Map
Birth Map is a fun and exciting activity where all members of the team can learn new things about each other. You just need to share a photo of the world map in your team’s group chat. Google Maps can be used to create a collaborative map. You can then invite everyone to put a sticker near or on their birthplace. You can then ask the members to share their stories or talk about the things they like the most from their place of birth while they are at it.

Favorite Things
Favorite Things is a simple ice breaking activity where team members get the chance to get to know more about each other. This one doesn’t induce much anxiety unlike other virtual team building activities since you can never go wrong when it comes to your favorite thing. With this activity, you only need to assign a topic for your favorite thing, like your favorite thing about doing remote work. Everyone will then get the chance to answer.

Community Coffee Breaks
Community coffee breaks are easy and effective means of catching up with the members of your remote team. Schedule a period of 15 minutes every week or day when team members can participate in a video chat that you will hold using your team management software.

This time can be used to talk while enjoying a cup of coffee. The conversations can be related to work or these can be for entertainment and fun, just as how you would have coffee breaks when all of you are at the office together.

Virtual Escape Room
If you already tried escape rooms in person, for sure, you know how it can be a wonderful problem solving activity. Now, why not try a virtual escape room, then?

This could be done in groups of 2 or up to 500 people if you like, that makes it one of the best virtual team building activities out there. Everyone will be split into teams that will work to solve a problem together.

Give these virtual team building activities a try and see how they can help improve your team work for the better!