How Managers can Select the Next Best Place for a Successful Retreat How Managers can Select the Next Best Place for a Successful Retreat 

Good companies thrive on the backbones of its employees and workforce. No successful major company is the result of a single person running the whole show. Instead, it is through the combined efforts of many dedicated individuals that will steer the company to greater heights.

In order to ensure that employees work closely together with little disruption to the operations of the company, good managers need to be able to manage their subordinates well. Managers need to strive to bring out the best of each individual and ensure that there is cooperation and camaraderie among the team members. One of the ways to build teamwork and foster closer relationships among colleagues is by organising company retreats and team building events.

What is Needed for a Good Company Retreat

Retreats need to have good accommodation, delicious food, exciting activities and suitable rest and relaxation (R&R) places so that it will be a memorable experience for everyone involved. Let’s look more into the details of each component in the rest of the article.

Good Accommodation

Managers who are organising retreats, especially those that are overseas, need to ensure that they select good accommodation for their team. These include spacious, air-conditioned rooms with comfortable beds that come with complementary wi-fi and entertainment like television sets and radios.

Delicious Food

Another key component that managers should look out for when scouting for places to conduct retreats is whether there are any good and delicious food nearby. Food is a necessity for everyone in the team and if it is anything but good, many members of the team will not be satisfied. Another factor to take into consideration is whether they are members of the team with special dietary needs like Halal food for Muslim team members, and vegetarian food for vegetarian ones.

Exciting Activities

Now what retreat will be complete without exciting activities. Managers need to ensure that the place they are going to conduct the retreat has fun-filled and exciting activities. These activities will need to be able to engage the team members while enabling them to build cohesiveness, team spirit and strengthen ties.

Suitable R & R

Rest and relaxation (R & R) can be part of the itinerary of the retreat or it can a one day event where team members are allowed to do things free and easy. Regardless of the reason, the place where the retreat is conducted should be near places where team members can enjoy their R & R like must shopping malls and entertainment outlets. It will also be good if these shopping malls have shops that cater to different people’s fashion needs. For example, if there are female Muslim team members, then it’ll be good to have shops where they can look for the latest Muslimah fashion ware like good hijab style, stylish jubah, good abaya dress, elegant maxi-dresses and good burkini swimwear. While it is true that clothes can be bought online on sites like, team members will definitely enjoy buying them if the place where the retreat is held caters to this need.

Organising company retreats is one of the best ways managers can strengthen employee ties and improve work productivity. However, managers need to ensure that the retreats are organised effectively, if they want to ensure that their employees will be satisfied and can benefit from these retreats.