How a Private Tutor in Singapore can Help you Study Better By Writing StepsHow a Private Tutor in Singapore can Help you Study Better By Writing Steps

Singapore is well known as a tuition nation, with over one billion dollars spent by parents on their children’s tuition fees alone in 2019. This figure is expected to increase further in the years to come, as parents continually try to improve their children’s studies and search for the best private tutor Singapore has to offer. Established private tuition agencies such as will be able to provide goods tutors who not only cover the weak topics, but arm students with suitable learning skills as well. This will in turn enable students to be independent and confident learners, and achieve greater results.

Good tutors will impart numerous learning techniques and methods that are relatively easy to use, but will prove very useful and instrumental in assisting students to truly accelerate their learning process and become the super learners and achievers that they desire. While some of the learning methods may seem unfamiliar or intimidating at first, students should be rest assured that after they have gone through each and every one in detail, they will actually realise that they are not very difficult to implement and benefit from. One of the learning techniques that most good tutors will cover is writing steps when learning certain types of topics.

Writing down steps involve listing down the processes and procedures to perform certain task(s). It is super efficient in aiding the understanding, and in turn application process of various topics. In addition, it can be used effortlessly in conjunction with another learning method called key points.

The steps (pun not intended) to master this learning technique are as follows.

  • First, pick out a passage or a huge chunk of data or information that involves a process, procedure or topic that you wish to learn. Skim through the data, information or passage.
  • Using a pen or a highlighter, highlight, underline, circle or box the key steps of the process that you have just read.
  • Write down the title or heading of the process.
  • Write down the key steps in chronological order preferably in one word or short phrases. You can number or list these points.

Let’s look at the following example (this is a passage about crystallisation, a common topic in Chemistry), and examine how we can list down the steps for it.

“Crystallisation is used to obtain a solid/solute from a solution. During crystallisation, the impure solid is dissolved in the liquid. The solution is heated until a hot saturated solution is formed. Cool the solution until it appears as pure crystals. Filter any excess solution from the crystals. Dry crystals by pressing them between sheets of filter paper.”

After you have gone through the process and identified the key steps, a sample of steps that we can come up with is as the following.

  • Title: Crystallization (Solid from solution)
  • Dissolve
  • Heat till saturated.
  • Cool to form crystals.
  • Filter to remove crystals.
  • Dry with filter paper.

The above steps are definitely easier to comprehend and in turn implement, as compared to the chunk of data above. There are numerous ways to prepare steps but rest assured that the effort will pay off in better assisting you in learning a topic.