Importance of Creativity in your Pursuit of Success Importance of Creativity in your Pursuit of Success 

Let us focus on the importance of creativity as a quality that significantly affects your success in any goal setting endeavour. Some teachers like to describe the law of attraction as some sort of mystical force of the universe that tends to favour what you want by rearranging reality in such a way that it reflects your predominant thoughts. That is probably not the most accurate picture of things.

Of course, there are probably a billion and one different interpretations and permutations of the theory that is called the law of attraction, most of which involves nothing more than mere word play, but let us just focus on a model – which may or may not be the most accurate one yet – that will suffice to work for you in getting what you want.

This model deals chiefly with how your brain works, specifically, that part which is called the reticular activating system (RAS). When you think of something or generate an intention to achieve a certain result (or ‘broadcast your desire into the ether of the Universe’), your brain is wired in a way that your filters of perception are biased only towards those things in your reality which supports your view or which might help towards realising your intentions.

You’ve probably never noticed the abundance of yellow cars in your neighbourhood before, but since the day you bought a new yellow car, suddenly you see an entire fleet of yellow cars driven by people who don’t know better than to ‘copycat’ you. Of course, these other people are not out to ‘copycat’ you. The yellow cars are already there. Before buying your own yellow car, you just hadn’t noticed them yet.

Let’s look at another example. One day you decided you wanted to buy some funny mugs. It may or may not be a strong desire of yours to buy such mugs, but it is a desire nonetheless, and you take the first step towards the realisation of your goal by browsing through websites like 786.Gifts. Then you decided to buy the mugs by browsing the Mugs section of your local gifts shop after work. You bought a number of funny mugs, then as you make your way home, you suddenly notice an uncannily increased amount of advertisements for funny mugs sold by many other gift shops.

There is nothing magical about all this. Okay, maybe your definition of ‘magical’ is different. Some people see the magical wonders of science while others see only a dead and boring field in science. It is a matter of perception. The coincidence part of my story is rare for most people, but most instances of seemingly magical coincidences are simply cases of observer bias. Or are they?

At this point, I would like to stress the importance of continuously recreating and readopting your own functional models of reality. Don’t get stuck in only 1 model of reality that doesn’t seem to work for you or makes you feel disempowered. Keep experimenting with the things you think and do in your life and keep refreshing your model of reality to suit a way of life that best serves you to grow in greater happiness and achieve your goals.