Recognise your Path to SuccessRecognise your Path to Success

Do you recognise your path to success when you begin to walk upon it? Do you know how your Journey looks like and feels like once you have chosen it?
Many people live their lives without even knowing the Path that they want to take.

They are as gnats in the air blown about by strong gusts. Learn to differentiate your bliss from your lust. One is wholesome and continually satisfying, while the other drains you and its pleasure is fleeting.

Your Path, your Journey, once you know it, responds easily to you and though you may encounter some difficulties along the way, these are surmountable and are often accompanied by wisdom and learning.

We now live in an Age where enlightened minds are given aid and guidance by the powers of Providence, while the close- minded ones are hindered in their struggle to prove themselves right. New ideas, strong ideas, good ideas will grow and be nourished and nourish the minds of humanity. New challenges will surface to teach, test, tempt and strengthen the body and mind.

Everything of true value and importance will endure. Everything that is false and is conceived out of lies, deceit or selfishness will diminish. Remember : Truth is the most supreme reality in the Universe; Falsehood is by its very nature diminishing.

You must study the terrain you wish to set foot upon. No matter how complicated, no matter how hard your goal seems to be, where there is your will, your way shall present itself to you.

Obstacles can be overcome with expectation and planning. Alternative routes are there for you to seek. Prepare the equipment for your Journey – both the physical one and the mental one.

As you go forth, you will realise that there are some obstacles which you had not expected nor planned for. There is no turning back. With faith, take that leap. Only then can you go on.