Successful Bubble Tea Shops in SingaporeSuccessful Bubble Tea Shops in Singapore

Success in business does not just mean that you have to own a large multinational corporation (MNCs), have thousands of staff or earn billions of dollars. You can just be running a common but highly popular bubble tea drink store, earn huge profits, and still be one of the most successful businessmen on the planet. With that said, let’s look at a list of some of the most successful bubble tea shops in Singapore.

Koi bubble tea  had its humble beginnings at two locations in Taichung, Taiwan in 2006. Its main aim at that time was to develop innovative bubble tea products and build up its brand. Within a year, it branched out overseas to the tiny yet prosperous city of Singapore. Like a tidal wave, its popularity swept across the entire city and Koi quickly established its brand name and a loyal following in Singapore.

The main attraction at Koi was initially its rich, creamy milk bubble tea. Subsequently, customers started taking interest in its Matcha Latte, when matcha and green tea started becoming popular in Singapore. On top of that, its Matcha Latte has a very distinct matcha taste, and blends well with the other ingredients, to provide a extraordinarily flawless frothy sensation.

Today, Koi has a whopping 57 branches in Singapore, in virtually every popular business and shopping complex! Although it has a website, it does not offer ecommerce services, so unfortunately, you cannot order its bubble tea drinks directly from there. But don’t fret, as it has partnered with to bring you all the goodness of its bubble tea offerings. So the next time you are looking for your bubble fix from this hugely successful bubble tea store, just load up the Foodpanda website or app, and order instantly.

Chicha San Chen
Chicha San Chen is another foreign bubble tea company that has successfully exploded into the local scene in Singapore. Chicha began its operations more than 20 years ago in 1998, in Taiwan. Its main mission is to produce the freshest brewed tea of the best quality, for avid tea drinkers. It obtains the tea leaves from its very own tea mountain, and has highly skilled individuals to roast and taste the brewed tea for quality control. Due to its high standard of tea production, Chicha received the Highest International Authority iTQi certification.

Since its remarkable beginnings, Chicha has expanded to various countries, including China and of course, Singapore. Among the crowd pleasers at Chicha are its signature Green Tea served with invigorating honey, and the Cassia Black Tea topped off with Mousse.

Chicha has 12 strategically located outlets in Singapore to serve the various needs of its bubble tea loving customers. It also offers all its fine selection of drinks on its ecommerce website, where you can order them directly and get them sent to your location. In addition to its very own ecommerce website, Chicha has also partnered with Foodpanda to reach a wider range of customers, who utilise Foodpanda’s website and app platforms to place their orders.